New Package and Label on Wegman's Chocolate Chips

Dairy Free Chocolate Chips
 Wegmans traded in it's old brown chocolate chip bag for a spiffy red and white striped package that reminds me of a circus tent. That's not all they changed, though. Their allergen label is different too. The old label said: 

"Contains Soy. Manufactured in a plant that processes products that contain milk."

The new label is simpler: "Contains Soy"

Hmmmm...did they just drop off the sentence about milk or did they change manufacturing plants? I did what any good food allergy detective does and called Wegmans to find out.

"Good question," I was told. "Someone else called and asked the same thing (there must be a bunch of food allergy detectives out there!), so I have the answer from our Quality Control Director."
"There has been a change in manufacturing practices so the chocolate chips are no longer made in a plant that processes products containing milk."
So, there you have it. The label is correct and if you've been loking for a truly dairy-free chocolate chip, Wegmans fits the bill!
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