New Package and Label on Wegman's Chocolate Chips

Dairy Free Chocolate Chips
 Wegmans traded in it's old brown chocolate chip bag for a spiffy red and white striped package that reminds me of a circus tent. That's not all they changed, though. Their allergen label is different too. The old label said: 

"Contains Soy. Manufactured in a plant that processes products that contain milk."

The new label is simpler: "Contains Soy"

Hmmmm...did they just drop off the sentence about milk or did they change manufacturing plants? I did what any good food allergy detective does and called Wegmans to find out.

"Good question," I was told. "Someone else called and asked the same thing (there must be a bunch of food allergy detectives out there!), so I have the answer from our Quality Control Director."
"There has been a change in manufacturing practices so the chocolate chips are no longer made in a plant that processes products containing milk."
So, there you have it. The label is correct and if you've been loking for a truly dairy-free chocolate chip, Wegmans fits the bill!


Elizabeth Durso said...

Do you know for sure whether the Wegman's choc chips are nut-free as well as newly dairy-free? That would be great! :-)

Food Allergy Assistant said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Soy is the only allergen listed on the package. My nut allergic child has been eating Wegmans chocolate chips for years.

Be sure to check your label as I don't want to assume there are no regional differences in manufacturing processes. The folks at 1-800-WEGMANS are very helpful with allergen questions.

I hope the chips work for your family. They are so much cheaper and taste great!

Elizabeth Durso said...

Thank you, FAA! :-) That is great news. Someone from our local food allergy support group just tried them with great success.

Food Allergy Assistant said...

Yeah! So glad to hear that one of your support group families had success with Wegmans chocolate chips. I just made a batch of my chocolate chocolate chip cookies with them for a delicious dairy, egg, peanut and tree nut-free treat.