Big Merger Brings Allergies and Asthma Organizations Together

Conference call KFA/AAFA
The merger of U.S. Air and American Airlines has been in the news all week as it will form the world's largest airline. 

News of a merger in the asthma and allergy community brings two well-known organizations together to provide a joint mission – keeping children and families safe and healthy for a "life without limits."

In a conference call yesterday, Kids With Food Allergies (KFA) founder Lynda Mitchell and The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) CEO and president Bill McLin shared the merger news of their organizations. They explained that by bringing the two organizations together, they can tap into the current programming and services of both to do more for the asthma and allergy communities.

During the call, leaders from both groups went on to explain that KFA will become a division of AAFA. There will be one board of directors, with several KFA board members now serving on the combined board. Both will still maintain their own websites, social media channels and fundraising efforts.

I believe this merger helps food allergy families because it brings together a long established organization that has been an advocate for policy related to asthma and allergic diseases, with a group that supports and educates food allergy families and has the largest online support community for families raising children with food allergies. 

I look forward to more research, more policy efforts, continued education, and support from this merger. We know that many of the same kids and adults with allergies- be it to dust, food, ragweed, etc.- also deal with asthma issues. Congratulations to AAFAand KFA for bringing together two important pieces of the asthma, allergy and anaphylaxis puzzle to create a stronger whole.

For more information on the merger check out AAFA's website and KFA's website for the press release and FAQ's.
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