Great Product for Eczema!

I remember it well. My baby's constant scratching; the marks raked up and down the newborn skin; the blood droplets on the sheets and pillowcases in the morning. Eczema is tough to figure out and treat- especially for a baby or young child. 

I love the Flip Mitten Sleeve from Scratch-Me-Not! It so soft and, well, quite brilliant. No matter how short we cut our baby's fingernails, it wasn't short enough. By covering the fingers, with the soft mitten, there will be less damage to the skin from constant scratching and picking. The sleeve is worn across the shoulders so babies and little ones can't easily remove it. Lotions and ointments stay put when the sleeve is on. 

There is a 15% discount on their website when you subscribe to the Scratch-Me-Not newsletter, so take a look to see if their products may help may life a little less itchy.

Disclosure: I received a free sample of this product to review. I was not pressured to give a positive review, but I really think it's a great product, so I did:)

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