Advair and Milk Protein

A visit to the doctor this morning has given me a few more gray hairs. I took my son in for sore throat and a cough. The doctor prescribed the inhaler, Advair, a new medicine for us. After a demo, I watched my son inhale the medicine into his body. It wasn't until the drive home that I realized I hadn't asked to read the ingredients of the medication. There it is, right on the box, "contains lactose". I called the doctor's office and checked the Advair website. Sure enough, "Contains milk protein. Contraindicated for those with a milk allergy". Fortunately, my son is fine and the doctor now knows this medicine contains milk protein. I'm still feeling shaky, and very guilty, over this close call. Parents are the last line of defense for their children with food allergies. Another day, another lesson, another close call.
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