New Cookbook: "What Else is to Eat?"

I love a new cookbook. I can read it like a novel and mark it up like a textbook. So, when I opened Linda Coss's latest cookbook, "What Else is to Eat?, I filled a blank paper with notes and page numbers of recipes to try. Here's a scrumptious sample of what we've been eating this week:

Iced Honey Cookies (page 126)- we took these to a friend's house for dinner. They were a huge hit...easy to make and yummy to eat!

Spaghetti and Meatball Soup (page 26)- "This is really good, Mom!" was all I needed to hear.

Slow Cooker Beef With Rosemary and Potatoes (page 37)- Crockpots make life a bit easier, don't they? In just a few minutes I had everything in the slow cooker and voila', eight hours later, a delicious meal. Next time I'll chop the rosemary finely as my children picked off the "green pieces".

Linda's Signature Grilled Chicken (page 49)- Just four ingredients in a zip-top bag, with some chicken. I didn't grill, though, as our high temperature was 38 degrees that day, but it worked fine in the oven.

Disappearing Chocolate Oatmeal Delights (page 124)- these really did disappear in our house!

I already have a well-worn copy of Linda's first cookbook "What's to Eat". That book is perfect for those who need basic food allergy friendly recipes for things like pancakes, waffles, chocolate chip cookies and plain white cake. I find Linda's second book ideal for those of us who have the essentials, but are now hungry for the next level. Believe me, no one will guess that these recipes are free of dairy, eggs , peanuts and tree nuts.

Linda's running a holiday special for her books. Give yourself a gift and check out her website.
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