Medical Wristbands

My son lost his medical wristband months ago. I've been feeling guilty that he hasn't been wearing one, and finally with a family trip on the horizon, I explored inexpensive, sensible options. Medical bracelets for girls are so cute and look like beautiful bracelets. For boys, options aren't so great.

We finally found what we were looking for at Sticky Jewelry. We choose the "make your own" option. He didn't want to have anything written on the front, so there is just a medical alert symbol visible. On the back, we wrote "Severe Food Allergies, Call"- followed by my cell phone number. We only ordered the bracelet plaque and I attached a black piece of elastic so that he could wear it on his wrist.

Find what works best for your child. It is important for our children with food allergies to wear something to alert adults about this invisible medical condition.
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