Over Diagnosis of Food Allergies Debate

The food allergy hum today is related to a NY times article, and a follow-up debate on the Today Show, about the OVER-diagnosis of food allergies. Here are my comments about that:

"I found the NY Times article, "Is it a food allergy or false alarm?" and the follow-up discussion on the Today Show to be fair and balanced. There was an acknowledgment that food allergies are real and need to be taken seriously. There was also discussion about the problems with our current testing methods and recommendations. Media attention to food allergies gets people talking and thinking. Hopefully this leads to more interest which may lead to further research for causes and cures.

We need to keep emphasizing that a reputable allergist, using the best tests available, helps parents decide how to best handle their child's food allergies. We need the support of the medical community, our schools, our neighbors, our families and the media as we make our way through the confusing and conflicting information we sometimes receive. Let's keep talking!"

Take a look at the article here.

You can watch the video here.

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