Monday Review- GoPicnic

Today's Monday Review is brought to you by GoPicnic, a company specializing in ready-made snackbox meals.

In 2005, GoPicnic provided shelf-stable meals to a major US airline. Since then, they have expanded and now offer over 25 different meal and snack options for adults and kids, including vegetarian, gluten-free and kosher alternatives.

All GoPicnic snackboxes are peanut free. Their MightyMunch kids meals are tree-nut free too. Plus, if you like to avoid trans fat, high fructose corn syrup and MSG, GoPicnic doesn't add any of those either. Complete ingredient information is available on their boxes and website. Read carefully as some products are manufactured on the same line, or produced in a facility, that processes top allergens.

I really appreciate that these meals don't require heating or refrigeration. You simply open the box, use the enclosed plastic utensils, and eat. They even provide a wet-wipe for easy clean-up. What a perfect solution for a quick school lunch, a field trip day or a visit to grandma's. As you prepare to travel, how convenient it would be to order several snackboxes and have them shipped directly to your destination. No more worrying about what to feed your food allergic child when you first arrive. Wouldn't it be great if GoPicnic had a food allergy line of snackboxes? I'd love to see a few kids meals that are free of dairy and egg, as well as peanuts and tree nuts.

I tried Safari Munch, Sports Munch and Go Trek. The meals are well-balanced and I like the variety in the boxes - 5 or 6 foods for each meal.

Snackboxes are priced as low as $2.99 (most kids meals are $4.99). As a bonus to Food Allergy Assistant readers, GoPicnic will give a 25% discount for your first order. Just use coupon code "GPTHANKS".

Check out GoPicnic's complete line of products.

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