Dairy-Free Treat May Cause Food Allergy Reaction

We always have a box of these Tofutti Cuties in our freezer. They taste great and my son's friends think they're eating a regular ice cream sandwich when we pull these out. I've come to learn through ELL (Eat, Learn, Live) that they've received three complaints recently about allergic reactions to these treats. In the latest incident, a child suffered an anaphylactic reaction immediately following ingestion of this product. ELL is getting the product tested now, but there is a suspicion of milk-contamination.

More disturbing is that Tofutti Brands, Inc, and their manufacturer Kemp Ice Cream, have not responded to ELL's letters following each incident. ELL states, "historically, the company has been very uncooperative and has not taken responsibility for any of the allergic reactions reported".

This is unacceptable. A food manufacturer must take responsibility for the ingredients in their product. To not even respond when a problem is reported is criminal. I will not purchase Tofutti Cuties again until the company answers these complaints and takes some accountability.

Their website is very reassuring about the practices they use to prevent cross-contamination. We need action, though, not words.

Join me in contacting Tofutti. As always, I'll keep you posted.

It's a shame, I really trusted their products...

For more food allergy information, see the Food Allergy Assistant's website.
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