Peanut Allergy Website

I'll be regularly posting at and wanted to share the benefits of this useful site. This online resource guide is a must for those families or individuals just learning about a peanut allergy diagnosis. It answers questions about causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. If you don't see an answer to a question you have, simply click, "ask a question" and someone who knows the answer will respond.

This is also a great resource for peanut allergy veterans. The directory lists peanut allergy friendly restaurants, products, foods and bakeries. There is an opportunity for those with experience to share their knowledge by responding to questions from readers. The Forum Boards also allow people to talk about issues related to peanut allergy.

You'll need to register to use parts of the site, but registration is free. Try it out.

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For additional food allergy information, check out the Food Allergy Assistant.
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