Monday Review- Happikins

This week's Monday Review is brought to you by Happikins, eco and kid-friendly napkins.

Molly McKinley originally set out to create an alternative to paper napkins and to teach children the importance of making wise environmental choices. She created sets of 100% cotton, machine-washable napkins (five per set), with a carrying pouch. The pouch opens to a dry erase panel for notes from mom or dad and has a zippered area in the back to carry money or other small items.

Here's what I love about Happikins:

For children with food allergies, the napkins, at 12 inches square, are a perfect placemat to mark boundaries around snacks or lunches. Our school's peanut allergy table was marked with masking tape to give each child a zone to keep their own food in. The kids kept scraping away the tape, and frankly it was ugly. Happikins creates an easy visual for children.

Using Happikins when visiting, traveling or eating in restaurants provides a barrier to any food allergens left on eating surfaces.

It's so easy for a child to use. The napkin simply gets scrunched up and put in the pouch to be taken home for laundering.

They're so darn cute! Currently, you can order a girly set in Sugar and Spice, a sporty set in League of Sports or an animal-lover set in Creatures and Critters.

Any opportunity to teach children and families about re-use and recycling is a winner in my book!

To order, or to get more information, go to the Happikins Website.

For more food allergy information, go to the Food Allergy Assistant's website.
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