Food Allergy Update: Brownies

There's been much in the news recently with peanut allergic children eating peanuts safely (under direct doctor supervision,of course). We've read reports about the role of Chinese herbal medicines as a possible cure for food allergies. Then more stories about crazy parents and the over-diagnosis of food allergies in their children have continued to crop up in newspapers, blogs and morning shows all over.

But the big news this week in my house is the discovery of a delicious egg-free brownie recipe.

I've made some awful brownies over the past six years in search of the perfect egg-free version. Let's face it, it's the eggs that give brownies their chewiness and their crackly glazed top.

We've eaten brownies as chewy as a giant sized bar of Laffy Taffy. We've gnawed on hard brownie bricks that taste like, well bricks. But the other day, the sweet smell and taste of success. I found the recipe on a vegan website. It was the mixture of boiled water and flour that intrigued me. Could it work? Would this be THE egg-free brownie recipe? Yes it was!

You can find the recipe here.

Go preheat your oven now. You know you want to.

For more food allergy friendly recipes, check out the Food Allergy Assistant's website.
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