Tofutti Cutie and other Updates

I spoke to Steve Cass at Tofutti Cuties about the allegations of dairy contamination in their non-dairy frozen treats. He said, "These allegations are at least three years old and one of the plants involved in the allegation has been closed for quite some time."

When I asked about dedicated lines and regular testing, Steve said, "Tofutti Cuties are run on dedicated lines and tested DAILY for dairy."

Let's see what ELL finds in their independent test.

I contacted Sara Lee when I noticed that their Hearty and Delicious 100% Multi-grain Bread (quite delicious, by the way) listed milk on some labels, but not on others. I was told to trust the label. Their breads are made in different locations so some may contain, or be contaminated, with milk. The nutrition label on their website lists milk and is manufactured in Illinois. Hmmm...I didn't buy another loaf. My comfort level isn't there right now.

Nothing back from Zyrtec, Benadryl or Singulair about dairy in their medications. I sent e-mails, but I'll have to follow up with phone calls.

More to come...
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