As a Guest, I'm a Pest

As a follow-up to last week's post, "Hostess With the Mostest...Stress That Is", I must note that being a guest isn't easy either. This is something many of you pointed out in your recent comments.

Both Jes and Sabrina K. commented that they think it's harder to be a guest in someone else's house. They prefer to host because they have more control over what foods come in.

Nowheymama keeps everyone out of her kitchen to ease her stress. ChupieandJ'smama is already stressed about hosting an upcoming company Christmas party where traditionally shrimp and crab legs are served. Infant Bibliophile just starves her houseguests rather than dealing with the stress. Col has a list of rules for her guests. Liz uses red stickers to identify unsafe foods in her house and Karen keeps very few unsafe items in her kitchen.

This week-end we brought most of our own food when we visited family. I baked up a storm before we left- chocolate chip cookies, granola bars, doughnuts and chocolate cake. I marinated chicken, prepared burgers, precooked pancakes and made bread. We were well prepared and yet still hit a few stumbling blocks in our host's kitchen.

Just a few of my rants:
"Don't use that olive oil! It's in an old pickle jar and who knows what else that jar has been used for."
"Don't touch those pretzels. I know they look friendly, but they're stored in a chocolate covered raisin jar."
"I know you're trying to help, but please don't cut my son's roll with the knife that just cut those bakery rolls."
"No, don't put those birthday candles in my safe cake! Do you have any idea where those candles have been before?!"

We all survived the week-end, but I think this glimpse into each other's lives made us all grateful to go back to our own kitchens. I know I hugged my toaster as soon as I got home!
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