The Hostess With the Mostess...Stress, That Is.

I fear that I'm not a very good hostess. If we have people over for a meal, I'm usually fine. I can prepare the meal in advance and take my normal kitchen precautions. The problem arises when we have guests who stay for a few days over multiple meals. Suddenly my kitchen isn't my own. Unfamiliar food arrives and concern over cross-contamination boils over.

"STOP! You can't dip that knife back into our dairy free butter after using it on that unsafe (read: poisonous) bread."

"NO!" Don't cut into that dairy, egg and nut-free cake with that tainted knife you just used on that unsafe (read: poisonous)angel food cake.

"WAIT!You can't leave crumbs from that peanut butter and jelly sandwich (read: poisonous)all over the table. And please- go wash you hands- immediately. And I want to hear you sing "Happy Birthday" while you're doing it- twice!"

I can't help it. My frantic tone bubbles over. Of course if I keep this up, I won't have to worry about it because no one will want to come visit!

Now, all of you families with food allergies, you get it. You're welcome anytime.

How do you deal with guests in your kitchen?
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