Monday Review: Beyond a Peanut Flashcards

When my kids were really young, they loved flashcards. We used alphabet cards to learn letters and number cards to learn simple math. One enterprising mom has created special flashcards to teach people how to stay safe with food allergies.

Dina Clifford created the cards after her children were diagnosed with a peanut allergy. This small packet carries a ton of information about reading labels, cross contamination and carrying emergency medications.

The cards have four color-coded borders. Green cards show foods or situations that are relatively safe for someone who is peanut or nut allergic. They stress caution and introduce the idea of cross-contamination. Red cards show foods or situations that have a greater risk for someone with a peanut or nut allergy. Yellow cards show potential danger and are designed to create awareness. Cards outlined in blue contain safety information to help people with any type of food allergy.

"What a great idea for young kids!" was my initial thought when I looked through the flashcards. As I went through them again, I started thinking about how helpful these cards would be for grandparents, caretakers, daycares, teachers and others who have contact with peanut and nut allergies. They are easy to read and understand and offer a quick way to educate others about food allergies.

Thank you, Dina!

Check out the cards at Beyond a I'm thrilled to report that Dina is working on Dairy cards next. Stay tuned for that announcement.
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