Food Allergies in the Hospital

We're making plans. Tonsils and adenoids need to come out, and we'll be in the hospital with food allergies. This is something I've thought about, late at night, when all is quiet and I should be sleeping.

What if my son ever had to be hospitalized?
How would we deal with his food allergies in the hospital?

I guess the good news is that we have some time to plan. I can talk to someone in patient dining services at the hospital in advance and find out what they can offer. We can bring in safe foods. With a tonsillectomy, we're probably just looking at juices, popsicles, safe ice cream and jell-o anyway.

Of course then there's all the medication to worry about. What's in it? Are there any inactive ingredients he may be allergic to? I see another sleepless night coming on...

Any experience in this?
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