Swine Flu Vaccine Safe for Those with With Egg Allergy?

The swine flu vaccine has been on my mind.

A post I read originally on Life With Food Allergies Blog has given me hope. Reportedly, drug company Novartis, has created a swine flu vaccine that will be safe for those with egg allergy.

I stil have a bunch of questions, though. It seems that other companies will be manufacturing swine flu vaccine that wouldn't be safe for those with egg allergy. How will distribution be handled? People who can't have the egg-based vaccine should certainly be the top priority for the new vaccine. Also, will the FDA cause this vaccine to hang up in the US? If it is available in Europe, can we go there to get the vaccine for our egg allergic family members?

It seems there are no clear cut answers to these questions yet.

Does anyone else know anything about this?

Check out the article here.
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