Reality Show on Food Allergies

The next two videos from Children's Hospital in Boston are in. My heart skips a beat every time I watch one of these because I think "Oh, we're getting close. We're getting closer to finding a cure!"

In this video installment, Ming Tsai, chef and owner of Massachusetts restaurant, Blue Ginger, and father of a son with food allergies talks about life with food allergies at home and at work.

He talks about "what a pain in the rear it is to travel with food allergies".

Yup, we can relate.

He also talks about how eating in restaurants is an important part of every child's life and that's why he has made a committment to create a safe restaurant. "I have moms crying tears of happiness when they watch their food allergic children eat a safe meal in my restaurant," Tsai says.

I know, priceless...

The second video is a trip to Brett's school during Food Allergy Awareness week. Brett is the boy who is participating in the milk allergy study at Children's. He educated his classmates and raised money for food allergy research. What a great idea to hold a gum and hat day!

The big reveal is in an upcoming video. Was the milk study successful for Brett. Will this dairy allergic child be able to eat dairy? This is one reality show I don't want to miss.

Stay tuned...
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