Food and Food Allergy Resources

One thing food allergies has brought to my life is a greater awareness of food in general. I'm constantly asking "What's in it?", "How's it made?", "Where was it manufactured?". Fortunately, the Internet has made answering these questions much easier. I tracked down some fascinating sites for anyone who eats food:

The International Food Information Council has a great section devoted to food allergies. Bounce around the site, though, for other areas of interest such as food safety and nutrition. They offer a free online newsletter.

I recently posted a list of Food Allergy resources at Suite 101. You can find support, books and other resources. Let me know if I missed any you love.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers a wealth of info including a database of over 13,000 foods and their nutritional information. This is especially helpful when looking for substitutes if cutting out major food groups due to food allergy. Also check this site for laws and regulations related to food.

Food is another super source for tips to keep food safe and prevent illness. You can subscribe to alerts and get e-mail notification when the government makes a food advisory. Just last Friday, an alert came out warning about high levels of lead in certain dried fruits. Who knew?

Find the sites that are helpful to you and visit them regularly, or better yet- sign up for their automatic updates. We all need to eat and we all need timely information to eat safely.
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