Homemade Candy Corn

Trying to find safe candy corn for your child with food allergies?

Good luck.

Nearly all of them contain labels like, "manufactured in a facility with peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and egg". So, when I came across Cafemom's recipe for making your own candy corn, I couldn't resist.

We did it last night. We only had green and pink food coloring in the house so they look like Easter candy corn, but they taste like the real thing. Honest! And they're jumbo size, which the kids love. You can cut them smaller if you like.

For those of us with dairy allergies, use dairy free margarine (like Fleischmann's Unsalted Sticks or Earth Balance) in place of the butter and Vance's non-dairymilk alternative for the powdered milk.

Let me know if you're adventurous enough to give this a try!

© Ingrid Perlstrom | Dreamstime.com
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