Milk Allergy Desensitization Study

So, this is it. The final installment of 11 year old Brett's video diary of his participation in Children's Hospital of Boston's milk allergy study. He's been participating in a desensitization study getting small amounts of milk over a period of time. Six months have passed since he started. This video tells the end. Has he been cured of his milk allergy, or must he continue to avoid milk?

So, go watch it. Then come back so we can chat.

Go on...

Tick Tock

I'll wait right here...

See, still here.

Okay, so you've seen it? Cause spoiler alert right here. The outcome is about to be revealed.

Amazing, right? This milk allergic boy is cured! He can drink milk and is eager to participate in more food allergy studies so he doesn't have to read labels any more.

This is incredible news for all of us who care about someone with a food allergy. We're getting there. Maybe our kids won't have to worry about their children being diagnosed with food allergies. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

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