Egg Allergy and Swine Flu Vaccine

There is growing concern that the current method of manufacturing H1N1 vaccine would take too long if indeed there was a pandemic. Thus, the race has been on to find alternative methods. That's good news for those of us who care about someone with an egg allergy.

Researchers in Vienna recently experienced success creating H1N1 vaccine using insect cells. It worked in mice, but has not been tested in humans. The vaccine was available within 10 weeks, considerably faster than egg-based vaccine, making it appealing for rapid use during times of high demand.

Hmmm...I wonder if allergy to bees would prevent someone from using this vaccine?!!?

There is talk that the cold weather this winter will cause a resurgence of swine flu. Worrisome for those of us who have not vaccinated our egg-allergic children.

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