Food Allergies in Infants Double

A recent study in Australia watched 5000 infants to determine how many of them will develop a food allergy before the age of one.

The result startled researchers when it came in at double what was expected. Eight percent of infants developed food allergy reactions from hives to facial swelling to anaphylaxis. Egg allergy, followed by peanut, was most commonly found.

Hopefully, studies like this will lead to more research and information for pregnant and breast feeding mothers about what they may eat and when to start introducing foods to their babies. This has been a source of confusion for parents for too many years.

Have any young mom readers gotten helpful advice from their doctors when it comes to food allergies and babies? How about really bad advice? I remember my pediatrician telling me to "wait a few months" before taking my 10-month old to an allergist. When I reported hives and other skin problems after giving him yogurt, cheese and other dairy products, she said he was "too young to have allergies".

I followed my gut and took him to an allergist. He had multiple and severe food allergies to milk and a long list of other foods.

I found a new pediatrician too.
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