Fundraiser for Food Allergy Research

It's heartwarming to see what kids can do. Siblings Hunter and Sydney (ages 10 and 8 respectively) decided to raise money for food allergy research. They filed with the state of Florida to start a new non-profit company called Pots of Love.

The company makes flower pots... well sort of. The young entrepreneurs thought businesses could use a unique holder for pens and pencils so patrons wouldn't accidentally take the writing tools. So, they purchased containers from local thrift shops and filled them with pinto beans for "dirt". Then they wrap pens and pencils with silk flowers and greenery and "plant" them in the pot. No one would accidentally walk away with that!

Hunter and Sydney set a goal to make $1000 for food allergy research. They aren't taking any money for their efforts, so 100% of what they make goes to research.

Check out Pots of Love and consider purchasing a flower pot or making a direct donation.

Way to go, Hunter and Sydney!
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