Largest Food Allergy Study Set to Begin

After a promising pilot study, doctors at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge will begin a government-funded immunotherapy trial next month. A similar study was conducted in the 1990's. It yielded serious consequences. The difference this time, explains researchers, is that rather than receiving injections of peanut protein, those in this study will receive increasing amounts of peanut flour mixed in yogurt.

It is important to note that this study will only involve children. There will be a therapy and a control group. The control group will think they are getting peanut protein, but will in fact receive a substance of another type.

Researchers think the children will need to continue this immunotherapy process for 2-3 years.

Of course, it can not be stressed enough that this should not be tried at home.

I continue to feel grateful to families who participate in studies like this. Because of these participants, I feel confident that a cure is on the horizon.

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