Food Allergy Blog Carnival

Ladies and Gentleman....Step right up to the latest edition of the Food Allergy Blog Carnival! Feast your eyes on the wonders of living with food allergies. Tantalize your senses with allergy news from around the world. Join us on the wild, gut-wrenching ride of "Life with Food Allergy".

Enter our attractions- new and old- and prepare to be astounded and amazed:

Diane says, "More and more people are seeking a healthier lifestyle. Indeed, recent events in the economy have served as a wake up call for more than finances; for some, it is clear that fundamental changes need to be made in the way they live. Check out her "Top 50 Blogs to Help You Live Healthy".

Fred writes for Parenting Squad and wants to share his article about research on children and milk allergies.

The Allergy Kid Mom wonders if Nut Allergies Equals Poor Health.

We also have Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket who muses about adding protein to baked goods in a recent post.

Lisa offers her family's review of Sunbutter. She says, "My daughter was just diagnosed with a nut allergy. We are trying to figure it all out. We gave Sunbutter a try and here is what we thought.

Rational Jenn offers up "an admittedly ranty food allergy post, in which "I question the advice to 'just teach' our kids about their food allergies. I realize the advice is often well-intended, but when the kids in question are still quite young, protecting them from their deadly allergens is more than simply a matter of education."

Vicky's Ickies brings us "More Than Just Inconsiderate Comments".

Ruth at started a food allergy list after numerous questions from non-food allergic friends and family. She hopes these Food Allergy FAQ's helps you share information with your friends and family.

Janeen comes to us from WEGO Health with a special February Blog Carnival Post.

Jenny, author of The Nut-Free Mom Blog has a duet of offerings for our carnival. First, she says, "So many classroom parties, so much food! Here's my take on it". In a separate post, Jenny says, "the stakes are getting higher as my daughter does more things independently, but I still want to let her do things. This post, Concession Stands, Basketball and Letting Go, describes a recent outing and its positive outcome despite potential nut allergy pitfalls.

Thank you to all and enjoy the rest of your day!
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