Egg Allergy Study Shows Postitive Results

This is big news!

We really are getting closer to a food allergy cure. AAAAI (American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology) made an exciting announcement at their annual conference which began in New Orleans Feb. 26 and continues through March 2.

The announcement involved a multi-center trial including Duke, Johns Hopkins, Mount Sinai, National Jewish and the University of Arkansas. The trial involved 55 children between the ages of 5-18.

All had egg allergy- notice the word "had".

Some of the participants received a placebo. The other group received egg white solid oral immunotherapy. That means this group was given increasing amounts of egg protein in a controlled setting.

The results? After 44 weeks, both groups were tested and 21 of the 40 receiving the egg protein, are no longer egg allergic. The 15 who were in the placebo group continue to have egg allergy.

Here's the full press release from the conference.

We're making forward movement on this!!!
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