Food Allergic Should Have Double Dose of Epinepherine Available

So the latest recommendation is that people with food allergies should be carrying two doses of their life-saving epinephrine. This is the conclusion of researchers at Children's Hospital Boston after a six year study. Dr. Rudders headed the study and says, "Until we're able to clearly define the risk factors for the most severe reactions, the safest thing may be to have all children at risk for food-related anaphylaxis carry two doses of epinephrine".

It was also discovered during the course of this research that many emergency rooms are treating food allergy reactions with antihistamines and steroids, rather than epinephrine. Rudders explains that "these findings may be due to lack of a universal understanding of anaphylaxis in the ED (emergency department) before 2006". She goes on to say that she hopes her study will move things forward in this area.

The entire study was written up in the April 2010 journal of Pediatrics.
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