Eczema Drugs Linked to Cancer Risk

There is a scary warning about two common drugs used for eczema. The FDA is recommending warning labels for the skin creams Elidel® and Protpic®. They may cause cancer.

I suspect that many of you were told, as we were, that these two creams were the best treatment on the market for our children's eczema, since they were non-steroid based. We switched to these creams when we noticed some loss of pigment on some areas of the leg. "That's from the steroid cream you're using to treat the eczema," our allergist said. Two new (at the time) creams were recommended to us.

Now we find out that these creams have caused cancer in animals involved in a study. Human study results will be unknown for 10 years.

So we wait?

If you are still using either cream, I suggest speaking to your allergist or dermatologist about risks and benefits. They are not being pulled off the market and doctors seem to believe they have a place in eczema treatment.

They are not, though, the "miracle drug" I was led to believe they were...
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