Food Allergy Research

Professor Yoshinori Mine of the University of Guelph (Ontario Canada) has promising results from his study to provide a safer approach to dealing with allergies in children. In his clinical research using mice, Professor Mine found that mice ingesting only the peptide portion of egg protein, rather than the entire protein, were able to tolerate increasing amounts of egg. The body, over time, learned to accept the protein, rather than react against it.

looking ahead, the plan is to begin to introduce this technique in human clinical trials and develop a way the peptide can be administered orally.

“I would like to find a way to incorporate the peptide into foods such as cookies so it will be appealing to young children.” said Professor Mine.

I continue to feel confident that this path toward desensitizing our children to their food allergens will lead us to more answers and better solutions. The current medical advice of "avoid the offending food in all forms" isn't good enough. I am encouraged by Professor Mine and others who are trying to come up with better solutions for us.

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