Food Allergy Blog Carnival

Hmmm...There was only one food allergy related post submitted for this edition of the Blog Carnival.

In that case, you're stuck with Rational Jenn and me.
  • There's a lot of hype about the development of a hypoallergenic peanut. Many people seem to think that this is the scientific development we who live with peanut allergy have been waiting for. I respectfully disagree.
  • Have you heard about apples and their role in decreasing egg allergy reaction? Check it out.
It's encouraging to see so much research and promising results in food allergy.

ADDENDUM:  Thanks Colette for re-submitting your post. I didn't get the first one, but it's a great post, so I want to make sure it's included. Take a look at Learning to Eat Allergy Free for some information on EE.

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