Food Allergy Back to School Guide

Yeah, yeah, I know it's still July, but it really is time to think about back to school if you're sending a food allergic child to school this fall. Here are some steps to take now:
  • Contact the school to find out what paperwork is required for your child to have access to life-saving medication.
  • Schedule a check-up with the allergist. Bring required school paperwork to the appointment for the allergist's signature. It's easiest if you fill out the portions pertaining to emergency contact information in advance. Many schools require the doctor to complete the treatment portion. Some doctor's offices charge a small fee to complete and sign forms.
  • Get prescriptions for epinephrine as extra medications will stay at school.
  • Meet with the school principal and nurse before school begins. Let them know what you need in terms of staff training, access to medications, lunchtime procedures and access to special foods for school celebrations or emergency situations.
  • Use this time to make sure your child is educated about his/her food allergies. Review the rules of eating away from home and how to identify when extra help is needed. Make sure your child knows who to go to within the school if they need help dealing with their food allergy.
Have I missed anything? Do you have other ways to get ready for school?

So, get that paperwork, schedule those appointments and sit back and enjoy the rest of summer vacation with your kids!
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