Probiotics and Allergic Diseases

Results are out for a new study that had pregnant and breastfeeding moms drinking probiotic milk. Their babies were followed for 2 years. The results show a 40% drop in the incidence of eczema. At this point, there was no signifigant decrease in the rate of allergy and asthma rates, but these children will be followed to the age of six in a follow-up study.

As asthma, allergy and eczema are the triumvirate (like that big word? It's Latin for 3 things that go together) , this study gives some important clues into the role of probiotics and allergic disease. Probiotics are live lactic acid bacteria that can be added to milk and some foods. There are many types of probiotic bacteria strains, so check with your doctor if considering trying probiotics as a way to prevent eczema for newborns.
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