Flu Vaccine for People With Food Allergy

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI) has issued a statement about egg allergy and the flu vaccine after re-examining three studies. The conclusion?

We need more studies.

And thus a multi-center clinical trial is presently underway in the US.

Really? We still don't have enough information on this?????

Now, there is some good news. Many vaccine manufacturers are listing the amount of ovalbumin (egg) on their inserts. This means doctors can seek out low ovalbumin vaccine for their egg allergic patients.

The other finding is that most people with egg allergy do tolerate the vaccine. However, the numbers of severely egg allergic subjects in the study was low, and so it is with caution that researchers can recommend the flu vaccine to this sub-group.

So, it makes sense to explore this again this year. Talk to your allergist. Can they get low egg vaccine? What are the risks vs the benefits of the vaccine? What have they seen in their practice so far this flu vaccine season?

At this point we've done what we always do- the rest of the family gets the vaccine in the hopes of protecting the non-vaccinated egg allergic family member. We see the allergist in two weeks, though, and this is on my list...


Is it so hard to come up with a flu vaccine without growing it on chicken eggs? Sigh...

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