Fund A Cure for Food Allergies

This month, FAAN is again participating in the Pepsi Refresh contest. The group is asking for $250,000 to find a cure for food allergy. If this idea makes it to the top two ideas, we all win! It is currently ranked 59th. Your vote is needed. The vote of your parents, friends, neighbors, entire e-mail distribution list is needed. Imagine what a quarter of a million dollars for food allergy research could do!

You can vote every day all month. Please go to the Pepsi Refresh contest and vote today. Or you can text 104004 to Pepsi (73774). Then tweet it, FB it and get the word out to others. Anyone can vote. The contest ends November 30.

Last month, FAAN asked everyone to vote for Camp TAG, food allergy summer camps, in the Pepsi Refresh contest. Camp TAG didn't win, but since it made it to the top 100, there is still a chance for it to get it into the top two this month.
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