Food Allergy and Why Two Doses of Epinephrine May Be Necessary

A recent study reported in the Journal of Pediatrics determined the need for people with food allergies to carry multiple doses of epinephrine.The study followed 605 children (median age 5.8) to find out how many of them needed a second dose of life-saving medication after suffering a food related allergic reaction. Twelve percent of patients needed the second dose, causing the researchers to support the recommendation of carrying two doses of self-injectable epinephrine.

Now, 12% doesn't seem like a high number to me, but how are you to know if you or your child require that second dose? At this point my child carries one epi to school. A second one is in the nurse's office. When traveling, we carry multiple epis and there are several in our house.

For those interested in two dose medications, Twinject® offers a back-up dose. Their site suggests that 20% of reactions require a second dose. Since both doses are in one pen, the Twinject can be used in a single with carrying pouch. Our allergist has always prescribed the Epi Pen®, but I plan to discuss other options.

It's on the list...

What brand of epi do you use? How many pens do you have?

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