Bake Gluten Free Desserts With the Cake Mix Doctor

I've become a bake-from-scratch kind of girl since our son was diagnosed with food allergies ten years ago. In those early years, I had to bake without wheat due to his wheat allergy (since outgrown). Back then, there were no commercially made gluten-free flours or ready-made baked goods without wheat. Baking was always a science experiment of mixing varying amounts of non-wheat flours together to come up with an acceptable end-product. I baked some awful cakes back then...and some terrible brownies...and inedible cookies. I couldn't seem to get the hang of it.

What a difference a decade makes. Now many gluten-free products are available from flours to cake mixes to pancake and baking mixes.

I had the opportunity to try out some recipes from The Cake Mix Doctor's latest book, "The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten-Free". From Cookies and Cream cake to lemon bars, brownies and even a cake fit for a bride, Anne Byrn did all the experimenting for us and developed great recipes using gluten-free cake mixes as a base. All the recipes include dairy-free options as well.

I also need to avoid eggs in my baking due to allergies. All the cake recipes in the book call for three eggs, and I knew from experience I would not have a good outcome substituting three eggs. So, I selected the recipe for Chocolate Cloud cookies, which called for one egg. I picked up a gluten-free cake mix, mixed in the four other ingredients (using ground flax seed for the egg) and minutes later, cookies fresh from the oven. Really good cookies. Chocolaty, moist, delicious cookies that tasted even better the next day. I was really impressed with this recipe.

I also tried the caramel frosting recipe. I only needed to substitute Silk for the milk and in two easy steps I made a yummy frosting that will now become a standard along with my chocolate and vanilla frostings.

Anne offers many tips throughout the book for those who must bake gluten-free. Many of the recipes also come with variations offering hundreds of options for gluten-free desserts.

I wasted many hours and many ingredients trying to bake for my wheat-allergic child. No more gummy cakes, rock hard brownies and awful cookies. Anne Byrn gives us easy wheat and gluten-free desserts everyone will enjoy. Let The Cake Mix Doctor be your baking guide. This book also would make a great gift for grandparents and others who want to make desserts for someone they love who has celiac or wheat allergy.

Bon appetit'!
Chocolate Cloud Cookies from The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten Free
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