Valentine's Day With Food Allergies

Chocolates without nuts, peanuts and dairy can be hard to find. That's why I started investing in candy molds a few years ago. I now have a collection of molds that work for all occasions.

These bite size hearts are perfect for Valentine's Day. Simply melt some Barry Callebaut chocolate chips, pour into the molds and refrigerate for about an hour. They'll pop right out of the mold to be festively wrapped or eaten immediately.  Now that I've discovered VeganSweets dairy-free white chocolate chips, I may do some experimenting with these chips and food coloring to create more Valentine's goodies.

If you want to order your allergy-friendly candy instead, there are many choices. Just order soon so you get what you need before February 14.

Check out Amanda's Own, Chocolate Emporium, Divvies, Premium Chocolatiers, and Vermont Free Chocolates, for a great selection of Valentine's Day gifts and treats.
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