Food Allergy Presentations at Annual Conference in San Francisco

The American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) just wrapped up their annual conference in San Francisco. As always, many presentations addressed food allergy. I always look forward to information from this conference as we get the latest research and data.  Here are a few highlights:

In New Research Continues to Give Hope for Outgrowing Milk Allergy, researchers report that the median age for outgrowing milk allergy is two years of age.  Factors that may best predict the potential resolution of milk allergy include  lower milk IgE, a smaller wheal from the prick skin test and mild-none versus moderate-severe atopic dermatitis.

The presentation, When It Comes to Certain Allergies, Birth Order Matters, revealed that the incidence of food allergy decreased significantly as birth order increased. This would seem to indicate that your firstborn, or older children are more likely to have food allergies. While not the case in our family, this may give some relief to parents of food allergic children who want to have more children.

Children with More Severe Eczema Less Likely to Outgrow Milk, Egg Allergy gave information suggesting that child with no, or mild, atopic dermatitis were more likely to outgrow their egg or milk allergies.  

A presentation, Could Rural Environment Protect Against Food Allergy? showed that rural areas do seem to have less food allergy than urban areas. The next step, researchers say, is to find out what factors seem to provide this protection.

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