Lawsuit Against Chinese Restaurant After Peanut Allergy Death

Remember the tragic story last year of the 7th grader who died after eating Chinese food served at a class party? Katelyn Carlson had a known peanut allergy and suffered an anaphylactic reaction to Chinese food brought into school for a party. Teachers say they told the restaurant of the peanut allergy. The food was later tested and found to contain peanut protein.

A recent news article about the lawsuit is creating another divide in our society that reminds me of the recent controversy in a Florida school. I hate to see the finger pointing and the blame. It's time that everyone accepts that food allergies are part of our society and that we all, food allergic or not, need to deal with it. Adults need to protect children with food allergies and laws need to protect food allergic children and adults.

I know- not as simple as it sounds, but it's time to end the blame game and for us all to act as Good Samaritans and help one another. Those of us closely related to food allergy need to continue to educate others about what having a food allergy means. Everyone else needs to open their minds and hearts and step up to do what is right.

Stories like these also serve as a reminder to those of us with food allergic kids:
  • Make sure they always have access to an Epipen.
  • Create a 504 plan with your school.
  • Teach children how to stand up for themselves and take control of their own food allergy.
I don't know any details of the Carlson case. I do know it is tragic that a child died of a food allergy reaction.

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Narender Punjabi said...

Its such a said story... I think it can happen to any one. Its better to consult a doctor as soon as possible in such circumstances..