More Options Needed in Epi Devices

I've been watching Intelliject for a year and a half. Intelliject has been working on an epinephrine injector that is "the height and width of a credit card and the thickness of a small cell phone". This week the FDA gave tentative approval for this product. The device can not be marketed in the U.S. until the FDA gives final approval. With litigation against Intelliject, that final approval may remain elusive.

Stay tuned...again. I'm looking forward to something more manageable for my middle-schooler to carry on his person. Sometimes the barrel-shaped EpiPen works for us, but in other situations this credit card shaped device may work better.

I want options!


Jane Anne said...

I love the credit card Epipen idea. It seems like that would be especially handy for boys. By the way, does your middle schooler keep his epi on him at school?

Food Allergy Assistant said...

My son has carried an epi pen on him since kindergarten. We have that in his 504 plan and there has never been an issue. I feel more comfortable knowing that his medication is with him everywhere he goes, whether it be the bus, his classroom, gym class, etc.