Speak Up When Traveling With Food Allergies

We recently visited Niagara Falls. We stayed at the Embassy Suites in Ontario not only for the beautiful view of the Falls, but also because we would have a microwave, refrigerator and dining sized table in our suite.

All very helpful when traveling with food allergies.

When we arrived with our packed cooler, we found the refrigerator was about the size of a large shoebox. After much shuffling, I managed to cram our cold items in, but I was disappointed  in having to unpack the refrigerator every time we wanted to get something out of it. The next morning I noticed that the refrigerator wasn't keeping things very cold. I called the front desk.

"Oh, the unit in the rooms is little more than a cooler," I was told. "We'll send a refrigerator up right away."

And they did. The tall dorm size refrigerator was perfect for our needs.

Who knew we just needed to ask?

The next morning we went down to the included buffet breakfast. We asked the hostess about the ingredients in the bacon as we wondered if there was anything our dairy, egg, peanut, nut allergic child could eat. She said she would check with the chef.

The chef approached us and reached into a cabinet and pulled out a sheet of paper. On the paper was a table listing every breakfast item  and indicating if the item was safe for someone with a milk, egg, peanut or tree nut allergy. Perfect! My food allergic child enjoyed their Fruit Loops®, home fries, bacon, fruit and orange juice each morning of our stay.

Who knew we just needed to ask?

While we were prepared for whatever the trip threw at us, we learned that, at least at this hotel, was very accommodating when we let them know what we needed.

Sometimes you just need to ask.

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