Preparing to Be a Birthday Party Guest

Most parents drop their kids off at a birthday party with a "have a great time" and "BEHAVE". Parents of children with food allergies have a whole different procedure. My child is getting too old for me to hang out at the party. He wants some independence, and I agree. As he has entered his tween years, he wants to be "like everyone else". Can't say I blame him there either. I started preparing for the bowling alley birthday party a day in advance:
  1. Call bowling alley to find out what food is served at late afternoon parties. Ask for ingredients of hot dogs and rolls. (I will also read the labels myself upon arrival at the party.)
  2. Make  cupcake and frosting (to eat when birthday cake is served).
  3. Make sure food allergic child is aware of safe food choices.
  4. Upon arrival, talk to birthday child's parents- explain allergies (symptoms and sign of a reaction), demonstrate use of EpiPen using trainer, give cell phone number in case of emergency, make parents aware of safe foods.
  5. Tell child to have a great time.
  6. Leave.
  7. Check cell phone a dozen times to make sure I haven't missed a call.
  8. Pick up happy and safe kid.
Whew! Another milestone.
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