Five Great Things About Food Allergies

Living with food allergies has its challenges, but there are some definite pluses:
  1. Eating raw cookie dough- No egg in the mixture means no worries of salmonella!
  2. Getting fresh restaurant food- After talking to the chef or manager at the restaurant, your special order is prepared fresh especially for you.
  3. Meeting great people- The food allergy community is a very supportive group who share and care about everything related to food allergies. 
  4. Learning about food labels and the benefits of "whole foods". Most people barely glance at food labels. Those of us dealing with food allergies carefully read every line; and if the list is too long, we often don't buy it. Who wants to eat  azodicarbonamide and tragacanth gum?
  5. Being healthier- Think back to BFA (Before Food Allergy). Your family was probably eating a lot of processed foods containing dyes and multi-syllable chemicals. With food allergies, you know just what you're eating and that knowledge naturally leads to a healthier lifestyle.
So the next time you're up late making a safe cupcake for tomorrow's classroom party or trying to organize the food for a family vacation, take a moment and reflect upon the good things food allergies have brought into your life. I know I appreciate having only six simple ingredients in sandwich rolls.

And I really like a taste of cookie dough every now and then.
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