Food Allergies: A Matter of the Heart

With my food allergic child now in middle school, Valentine's Day was less stressful this year. While a few teachers, and the bus driver, handed out lollipops, most of the day was a typical school day.

I did try to bring in some holiday festivities to our dinner by making mini meatloaves in a heart shape and by baking these Valentine's Day cupcakes. It's super easy to turn any cupcake into a heart shape. Simply drop a small marble between the liner and the side of the cupcake tin and then bake (yup, it's safe to bake the marble!). I frosted them in pink  and topped each with a chocolate heart made by melting Enjoy Life mini-chips and pouring the melted chocolate into my heart-shaped candy mold.

Take a few minutes to read Nicole Smith's Bring Your Own Food Allergy- to Parties. She offers some great insight into navigating the party scene for our kids with food allergies.
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