Food Allergies on Facebook

Are you using Facebook to connect with other food allergy folks? Many fan pages are available with help and support in the area of food allergy. Here are some new (or new to me) pages I've run across recently:

The Allergy Menu
Food Allergy Families
Food Allergy Confessions
Food Allergy Connection
Real Food Allergy Free
Food Allergy Daily
The Food Allergy Forum
Food Allergy Mom Doc

And, sorry for the shameless plug, but there is always great info on Food Allergy Assistant's FB page.

So, "like" your favorite pages to get updated food allergy information delivered right to your Facebook feed.

Did I miss any of your favorites?


Jane Anne said...

Thanks for sharing all of these links!

Aggie said...

support for babies/children with food allergies is a great support group for parents who are learning to deal with their children's food allergies. There are is a wide range of parents, some allergic as well, to provide support and comfort during the hard times. I can say that as a parent who knew nothing of allergies before my daughter was diagnosed this group has done me a world of good.

Michelle Downs said...

Thanks for all the great links!

michelle downs said...

I started a page!