New Food Allergy Resource

I love this new resource created by two Boston pediatric allergists! Dr. John Lee and Dr. Michael Pistiner created AllergyHome to teach people who care for children with allergies. The food allergy section offers great information for parents to use to train babysitters, camp counselors, relatives, friends, schools and others about how to manage food allergies. The site also provides information about asthma and eczema and will soon offer tools to manage hay fever, sinusitis and environmental allergies. 

separate section, Schools@AllergyHome, is intended for school nurses, school staff, school kids and school parents of children who don't have food allergies. I intend to forward the link, "School Nurse Resources" to our school district nurse department chair and I think everyone should take their food allergy quiz- including kids with food allergies. Did you get all the answers correct? I didn't !
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