Food Allergy Carnival Countdown

Are you familiar with blog carnivals? They are designed for bloggers to share specific posts with each other and to the world wide web at large. Food allergy has their own blog carnival supported by Food Allergy Buzz. I'll be hosting the March edition which comes out March 22, 2012. What do you need to do to participate in the carnival? Select one or two of your best recent blog posts and submit them here. Then, on March 22, come back to Food Allergy Assistant and read through all the great entries. If you want to get a feel for what is submitted to the carnival, check out the February edition hosted by Peanut Free Mama.

Hope to see your work in the next food allergy carnival!

UPDATE: Blog Carnival seems to be experiencing technical difficulties. For now, email title and link directly to me at Submissions accepted until 11 pm Weds. March 21.


Rena said...

I'm looking forward to submitting my blog for the Food Allergy Carnival! Unfortunately, the link provided in your blog takes me to a page where the server doesn't respond. I guess I'll have to try again later. Thanks!

Food Allergy Assistant said...

Hi Rena,

Blog Carnival is having technical issues. Please email title and link directly to me ( by 11 pm Weds. March 21 and I'll include it in food allergy carnival.


Matty said...

Great site! I just discovered you.
Is there a food allergy carnival countdown for April?
I'll submit 2 and join in the fun.

Food Allergy Assistant said...

Hey Matty,

Welcome! I'm awaiting confirmation of the date for an April Food Allergy Blog Carnival. The Blog Carnival site was having technical difficulties last month and I'm not sure if they were fixed. We typically hold our food allergy carnival the last Thursday of the month, which of course is this week.

As soon as I get confirmation, I'll let you know and give you a link so you can send in your submissions. Check back here or follow my updates on Twitter: @foodallassist

Food Allergy Assistant said...

To Matty (and anyone else who may be interested), the next Food Allergy Blog Carnival is this Thursday. Submit to by Weds. 11 pm Eastern.