Safe Treatment for Food Allergy

While avoidance has long been the recommended treatment for food allergy, several presentations at the annual meeting of the AAAAI this week offer hope for better options. One Step Closer to Treatment for Food Allergy outlines two potential treatments, oral immunotherapy and sublingual immunotherapy. Sublingual refers to the allergen being held under the tongue until it dissolves, while oral means actually swallowing the allergen.

Research with children who have milk allergy provided some clues to those who may benefit from either, or both, of these treatments. While the sample sizes are small, positive results have been obtained and resulted in tolerance for milk protein. For more information, check with your allergist about immunotherapy for food allergies.This is not something that should be done at home as it requires medical supervision.

Progress appears to be slow and steady...

For more information about presentations at the AAAAI annual meeting, see abstracts from the presenters.
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